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Revol 250 Anniversary Promo - 2018
In this new Revol 250 Anniversary special catalogue in PDF, we offer a careful selection of products from the most demanded Revol collections and all of the new 2018 products. Browse through the PDF thanks to the markers and the interactive index. Also find any item easily by introducing the CDE...
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New Steelite's promotion catalog.
New Steelite's promotion catalog. All new productos of 2018 included, 7 new collections and more than 420 pieces are added to this catalog for enjoying of special prices. Discover all new products, combine them and create a unique and exclusive presentations for your restaurant and / or Hotel. In...
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Promotion MEPRA 2017 - 2018
New MEPRA's promotion catalog, a selection of articles for all levels of restoration. All the advantages of the best professional cutlery and table service with different designs, colors and finishes. All items in the promotion (not just cutlery) can be manufactured in matt steel (ICE), aged steel...
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Steelite Collections 2018
The all new UK Collections brochure for 2018 features everything you need to create the complete tabletop presentation. Browse through our tableware collections from ceramic through to porcelain and melamine to find the right solution for your needs, and then finish off with the perfect glassware...
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More than just a challenge that an intrepid manufacturer has set itself, Solstice invites you to witness a genuine metamorphosis of the culinary arts. Join us on a journey to imagine how the tables of tomorrow could be.
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New Inspirations Steelite 2018
New inspirations for restaurants and hotels. A new catalog where you will discover all new collections and products of Steelite. 
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Luxyry Art - How is made
A video where you can discover how Mepra cutlery is made. A technically perfect production that makes Mepra products possibly the best in the professional market. Raise the level of your hotel / restaurant with Mepra.
Steelite International Factory
Visit our factory with the online tour and discover why we have the strongest vitreous-porcelain tableware.
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STILE, designed by Pininfarina.
MEPRA launches a new product for a professional use in restauration. A design by Pininfarina.  Dynamic and sensual lines, with matt steel finish in body and gloss on handles. All this, to convey a great feeling of lightness and unique beauty. In addition, the lids have a rounded edge to...
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